“Others will make a donation and step aside, Chase will make a donation and step inside; into the neighborhoods and communities where opportunities and positive outlets are few and far between.”

Chase Lenfest, through his many charitable works, is committed to improving the overall quality of life for urban and inner-city residents. His primary focus has been in the Hunting Park and East Tioga communities of North Philadelphia. In 2018, building on more than a decade of investing in structured and innovative enrichment and athletic programming for community youth at the Lenfest Center, Chase founded North10, Philadelphia. North10, as the parent organization of the Lenfest Center, deepens and expands impact in the neighborhood through a “place-based” community change strategy.

Paul Theveny, CEO & Chief Investment Officer

P: (610) 994-9743 E:

Thomas Pasch, Vice President & General Counsel

P: (215) 694-5041 E:

Kirstin Bosch, Chief Operating Officer

P: (610) 994-9742 E:

North10, Philadelphia

Chase is the founder and Board Chair of North10, Philadelphia, an organization committed to improving life outcomes for the community members of Hunting Park and East Tioga neighborhoods through its four strategic pillars of education, economic development, housing, and wellness.

Contact: Josh Klaris, Executive Director | 215.908.9000 | |
3890 North 10th Street Philadelphia, PA 19140

Chase’s place-based mission began in 2008 with his building of the Lenfest Center. The 52,000 square-foot Lenfest Center was designed as a safe and welcoming community-focused hub offering year-round recreational, educational, and other resources for neighborhood children and adults to lead healthy and fulfilling lives.
The Lenfest Center became the cornerstone of a comprehensive vision to revitalize the Hunting Park and East Tioga sections of North Philadelphia, just east of Broad Street.North10, Philadelphia was established in 2018 as a parent organization of the Lenfest Center to deepen and expand its impact into the neighborhoods it serves.
North10 operates the Lenfest Center as an agent for collaborative neighborhood engagement and advocacy. Committed to the principle that residents must shape their own future, it aims to foster thoughtful, strategic, resident-driven renewal, with the goal of becoming a model for community transformation that can be replicated in other neighborhoods and cities.
“Working with Chase Lenfest and North10 is a unique opportunity to address the long-standing challenges embedded in an under-resourced community in a holistic and authentically collaborative way. Chase has the both determination and patience to see that North10’s work is planned and carried out with members of the community in order to create sustainable improvements for residents and long-term civic engagement.” - Josh Klaris

“After running successful youth programs at the Lenfest Center for many years, I started realizing that we have to do more to address the other factors affecting the wellbeing of community members. I use the analogy of driving a car with one good tire but the others are flat; housing is a problem, there’s trauma, lack of access to healthy foods. I thought, what long-term benefit am I really doing for these kids if I don’t tackle the other areas of concern and do it in a more holistic way?  It is such a privilege to give these deserving children the attention and opportunities they deserve and to begin expanding the work of the organization to address other pressing needs of the community.”- Chase Lenfest

The H.Chase Lenfest Foundation

Contact: Kirstin Bosch, Chief Operating Officer | 610.994.9742 | |
676 East Swedesford Road, Suite 350B Wayne, PA 19087

Chase Lenfest is the President of the H. Chase Lenfest Foundation, Inc. The Foundation began operations in 2002 and provides financial support for programs intended to grow his mission in the Philadelphia area.


Founded in 2001, SquashSmarts is a free intensive out-of-school time program changing the lives of Philadelphia’s public school students. SquashSmarts is a 501c3 non-profit academic and athletic mentoring program with a proven track record of keeping kids in school, in shape and on track for graduation.

Contact: Stephen Gregg, Executive Director | 215.221.6860 | |
3890 North 10th Street Philadelphia, PA 19140

A seven-year commitment to each child ensures long-term success by providing a team, a family, a safety net and a sense of belonging. Strong one-on-one relationships with staff and volunteers are the key to fostering every child’s success, while also helping to break the cycle of Philadelphia’s public school dropout rate. Put simply, SquashSmarts is giving kids their best shot
Chase is one of Philadelphia’s foremost philanthropists and devoted squash players. Over the past two decades, he has personally taken it upon himself to volunteer with our students on a weekly basis and make a personal connections with each SquashSmarts girl and boy in the program to ensure they have a meaningful, engaging experience.
In 2007, Chase turned SquashSmarts’ dreams into reality with the construction of the incredible Lenfest Center in North Philadelphia’s Hunting Park, a state-of-the-art 52,000 square foot community center built just for kids. To this day, Lenfest Center, with its 8 international squash courts, 2 learning centers and office space, serves as SquashSmarts headquarters.
Each year, Chase makes countless life-changing individuals camps and summer opportunities possible for our student-athletes, including: a 16-year partnership with Philadelphia Outward Bound that enables middle and high school students to challenge themselves and their teammates through a series of one-day, five-day and fourteen-day insight courses and outdoor leadership expeditions; squash tournament entries at Berwyn Squash & Fitness and The Racquet Club of Philadelphia; and a “Day at the Shore” where Chase personally chaperones twenty of SquashSmarts newest team members for a day at Ocean City’s Boardwalk.
Equally telling of Chase’s long-term commitment, dedication and investment in SquashSmarts youth, for the past 10 years (starting in 2008) Chase has devoted every Father’s Day Weekend to our girls and boys by coaching and rooting them on at the National Urban Squash Individuals Championships at Williams and Amherst College.
“The bond Chase has formed with SquashSmarts is truly uncommon. In a city rooted in philanthropy, Chase’s genuine desire to help young people improve their lives through sports and education goes beyond your typical altruism and support. Chase cares, and he cares deeply, about each child. He’s an inspiration to our entire program.” – Stephen Gregg, Executive Director
“As a team member for seven years, I can say Chase would come in every Wednesday and hit with us. He’d always ask about our family and our schoolwork. He is a great person” – Quinetta Bowden, SquashSmarts Graduate
“Each year, SquashSmarts travels to New York and Massachusetts for the National Urban Squash Championships. Every year, Chase is right there with us rooting on our kids. He’s a huge part of our SquashSmarts family.” – Sakora Miller, Squash Director
SquashSmarts Board of Advisors, 2002-present
SquashSmarts Board Member of the Year, 2005
SquashSmarts Honoree, The Rally for SquashSmarts (2004)
SquashSmarts Honoree, BestShotBall & Lenfest Center Grand Opening (2007)

Charitable Partnerships

Gesu School

Contact: Bryan Carter, President/CEO | 215-763-3660 | |
1700 West Thompson Street Philadelphia, PA 19121

Gesu School is an independent Catholic School (pre-K to 8th grade) in the Jesuit and IHM traditions. Both of these religious orders believe in providing academic, spiritual and social development so that each young person understands and gives full expression to his or her God-given talents and gifts. This mission is carried on within some of the most difficult economic and family circumstances imaginable in the North Philadelphia neighborhoods that are Gesu’s primary service area.
Chase Lenfest has been supporting multiple programs at Gesu School for nearly two decades. The profound impact Chase has on Gesu’s children includes not only financial support through four annual Sponsor a Child scholarships and participation in Pennsylvania’s Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program, but also his active engagement in the lives and education of our students. Chase was awarded the Spirit Medal in 2017 for his loyal dedication to Gesu School.

Joe Hand Promotions

Contact: Joseph P. Hand, Jr. President | 215.364.9000 |
407 E. Pennsylvania Blvd. Feasterville, PA 19053

Joe Hand Promotions is the premier distributor of closed circuit pay-per-view boxing and special events in the country. Founded by Joe Hand, Sr. and his family in 1970, the company’s size and reputation has grown due in large part to the chairman’s background, passion and keen foresight about the television distribution industry.
It has always been the philosophy of Joe Hand Promotions to support many causes and organizations in order to make a difference in the community. Through the years, the company has been involved with the Special Olympics, Children’s Miracle Network Telethon, and scholarship funds at various Philadelphia area high schools.


Contact: Tim Wyant, President | 917.608.6327  |
555 Eighth Ave., Suite 1102 New York, NY 10018

NUSEA is the umbrella organization and governing body of 19 urban squash programs in the United States, and four affiliate organizations around the world. NUSEA’s mission is to support the creation, development, and improvement of urban squash and education programs. Together, NUSEA programs enroll over 2,500 students, providing year-round academic support, squash instruction, college preparation, and community service opportunities.
Chase Lenfest has been a loyal and enthusiastic supporter of NUSEA and our member programs. Chase played a critical role in providing a home base for Philadelphia’s SquashSmarts, building courts and classrooms and offices in The Lenfest Center in North Philadelphia. Chase has also been a great friend to Squash Urbano Colombia, traveling frequently to Cartagena, Colombia, to provide instruction to our program participants. Chase is passionate about urban squash, and NUSEA is deeply grateful for his generosity and commitment.


Contact: Cassandra Harris | 215.291.9000 |
3068 Belgrade St. Philadelphia, PA 19134

PAL is “Cops Helping Kids.” We aspire to be the premier youth-service organization in the city, by reducing crime, promoting character development, and improving educational outcomes. We do this by having Philadelphia Police Officers offer sports and other programs to youth in 17 centers highest crime and lowest income neighborhoods. PAL Centers are safe havens, offering a variety of programs and other events to attract, engage, and develop more than 18,000 of Philadelphia’s youth.
For more than two decades, Chase Lenfest has been a supporter and advocate of the Police Athletic League of Philadelphia (PAL).  Personally, and through his Foundation, Chase has invested in many of our youth development programs, including our Chess Program and its annual Citywide Tournament.  In 2005, Chase received PAL’s highest honor, the PAL Award, for his unwavering commitment to serving Philadelphia’s youth, particularly those in the city’s high-crime and low-income areas.   Chase continues his commitment today in his annual support of PAL Night at the Phillies and PAL Night at the Sixers.  His support allows hundreds of kids and teens from PAL’s 20 centers to root for the home teams, and sometimes even to have the opportunity to meet their sports heroes.

Philadelphia Outward Bound School

Contact: Katie Newsom Pastuszek, Executive Director |215.232.9130 | info@outwardboundphiladelphia.org
3250 West Sedgley Dr. Philadelphia, PA 19130

The Philadelphia Outward Bound School (POBS) changes lives through challenge and discovery.  POBS serves thousands of youth from across the region each year, providing them with confidence and skills to live healthy and productive lives.  Teachers and parents of students who complete single and multi-day programs say that the changes they see are profound – young people leave their Outward Bound experiences stronger, healthier and more confident in their capacity to achieve success.
Outward Bound students venture out into the wilderness and challenge themselves in ways they never knew possible. All POBS’ core programs emphasize Outward Bound’s character, leadership and service Educational Framework.  As students confront challenges, they discover the key to success: that we are stronger than we know and if we can be made to see and feel success when overcoming difficult circumstances and situations, we are better prepared to face tougher ones as our lives progress.
Since 2004, The H. Chase Lenfest Foundation has supported and partnered with The Philadelphia Outward Bound School, allowing hundreds of students to participate in POBS’ experiential education courses.
“Chase Lenfest's commitment to inspiring the youth of this city and region to step up as positive leaders in their schools, neighborhoods and communities reflects his desire to make Philadelphia a better place in which to live and work.  Chase engages with Outward Bound students at the end of their courses and personally encourages them to be bold - to achieve more than they thought possible.  Chase's commitment to the youth of this city continues to inspire!” – Katie Newsom Pastuszek, Executive Director, Philadelphia Outward Bound School

Squash Urbano

Contact: Esteban Espinal | |

Squash Urbano is an organization that combines academic tutoring, mentoring, travel, and the sport of squash for 50 elementary and middle public school students who are enrolled year-round in the program. Squash Urbano holds squash practice, homework help sessions and English classes at a public sports facility just outside of Cartagena's Old City and is a short walk from the public school where the program's students are enrolled.
Since the program was launched in Cartegena in Sept 2014 the Chase has been a great friend and supporter of the initiative at a financial and personal level. Chase visits the program at least 4 times a year and is always willing to spend time with the kids inside and outside the squash court. Chase goes way beyond our program hours, walking around the neighborhood, talking to people and learning about all the challenges that the community has to face.