Family Office

For any general inquiries questions regarding Chase Lenfest or his business ventures, please contact the H. Chase Lenfest Family Office. The Family Office provides custom investment and business solutions to meet the financial and personal needs of Chase and his family. It is the central source for ongoing business, legal and accounting advice to him and his owned and affiliated entities.

Chase Lenfest, Founder and Chairman | Paul Theveny, CEO and Investment Officer | Thomas Pasch, Vice President and General Counsel

For more information and general inquiries please contact
Kirstin Bosch, Chief Operating Officer at 610-994-9742

Media & Advertising



Contact:  Robert Lawrence, Managing Board Member | 610.636.2024 | |
700 Turner Industrial Way, Suite 100, Aston, PA 19014

SocketLabs is a leading SaaS (Software as a Service) bulk email delivery service that provides reliable high-volume outbound marketing and transactional email delivery.  Due to the high volumes of spam and phishing emails being sent today, many legitimate organizations have problems reaching their customers’ inbox.  By plugging into SocketLabs, customers benefit from the scalability and availability of the SocketLabs managed infrastructure as well as the tracking, analytics and reporting available in the SocketLabs Control Panel.  Your email is sent through our proprietary Hurricane Platform, an enterprise-class system designed for high volume, high deliverability email applications.  SocketLabs provides a fully managed service and its team of email experts work closely with customers, such as ADP, Penn State, Panera Bread, FanFinders, Cafe Press, and many more. We help them navigate the complexities of email delivery. SocketLabs is the Preferred Email Solution for SAP Marketing Cloud. With more than 10 years of experience, SocketLabs has email delivery and performance down to a science! 

Healthcare Management


Contact:  1.888.Yo. Kleer | |
676 East Swedesford Road, Suite 350A Wayne, PA 19087

Kleer is a cloud-based dental care plan where dentists can easily design and implement their own dental care plan, offering it directly to their patients. Kleer’s mission is simple: partner with dentists to increase the value of their practices by making dental care accessible and affordable to everyone.

Investing Entities

Cramer Mountain Growth Partners

Contact: Chris Noe, Founding Partner | 610.256.1740 | |
102 Hidden Pastures Drive, Suite 214 Cramerton, NC 28032

CMGP is a boutique fund that invests in a select number of software or technology enabled service businesses per year so we can amplify the value of the significant personal capital, time and relationships we bring to advantage the business. We lead investments in the southeastern U.S. and co-invest nationally with select growth and private equity funds with whom we have had success. We are active partners in growth and bring simple capital and strategic value to our investments.

Davenport Investments

Contact: John Quinn, Managing Director | 215.557.0037 |
1800 John F. Kennedy Boulevard, Suite 603 Philadelphia, PA

Contact: Jim Quinn, Managing Director | 215.557.0037 |
1800 John F. Kennedy Boulevard, Suite 603 Philadelphia, PA

Davenport Investments is a private family office focused on investing in multi-family assets across the country. The firm seeks investment opportunities which provide superior risk adjusted returns with experienced local operating partners. Total capitalization of investments range from approximately $15M to $30M and center on class B multi-family assets with a value added component and a minimum of 125 units within our geographic focus - New England, Mid-Atlantic, Mid-West and South East.

Dublin Capital

Contact: Chris Noe, General Partner | 610.256.1740 |
676 East Swedesford Road, Suite 350B Wayne, PA 19087

Dublin Capital Partners is Chase Lenfest’s platform for making non-controlling investments in growing businesses, particularly those in software, technology enabled service, advertising technology and media related markets. Dublin invests alongside select growth equity and venture buyout firms contributing capital, operational expertise, and the Lenfest network.

Infinite Wealth

Contact: Ray Ramiro, Jr., Managing Member | 239.771.2005 |
1780 NE Pine Island Rd. Cape Coral, FL 33909

Infinite Wealth invests in land along the Gulf Coast of Florida. It has previously bought and sold homes and built single family residences. IW is currently focused on selling a large and diverse portfolio of lots for development.

Sailfish Real Estate Capital, LLC

Contact: Rob McCord, Managing Partner | 267.441.0049 |

Sailfish Real Estate Capital invests in properties along the East Coast for the purpose of providing short-term rentals across a host of travel platforms. Working with top designers and contractors, Sailfish Real Estate Capital improves existing properties in order to provide outstanding rental experiences. Sailfish Real Estate Capital maintains a diverse portfolio of properties to meet the needs of today's discerning travelers.

Success Stories

LAMS Dental Management, LLC

Exited in 2022

In 2014, LAMS Dental Management was created to support the growth and development of dental practices and address the perceived need for transparent pricing to consumers to enhance their decision-making. As part of that growth and development, LAMS Dental Management provided the non-clinical business support to licensed, independent dentists under the Smile Exchange brand. The commitment to transparency and client service provided by Smile Exchange, with the support from LAMS Dental Management, helped grow the Smile Exchange brand to six locations in the Philadelphia area. In 2022, the Smile Exchange locations were sold to various, professional buyers and continue to provide exceptional service to their customers.

Prime Wellness of Pennsylvania

Acquired by Acreage Holdings in 2018

In 2015, Chase became aware of the potential for medicinal marijuana to help people in need, including children with seizures, veterans with PTSD, patients suffering with cancer and those struggling with opioids. He was a founding principal and investor in Prime Wellness of Pennsylvania, which successfully competed for a license to grow and process medicinal cannabis in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania. He saw this investment through to the opening of a state of the art facility in Sinking Spring, PA and public launch. Chase's interest in Prime Wellness was acquired by Acreage Holdings in 2018.

Lenfest Media Group

Exited in 2018

In 2010, leveraging WMCN-TV as an in-house testing platform, Lenfest Media Group (LMG) was launched to develop a long-form Direct Response Television operation initially focused on commercial advertising for legal, financial and insurance products. LMG subsequently expanded into short-form direct response TV commercial advertising, launching numerous successful direct-to-consumer retail brands such as Hover Cover™, Multi-Cut®, Hurriclean™, Clever Cutter®, Press2Paste™, WaxVac®, Roto Clipper®, Get Up And Go Cane™, Furniture Feet™, Kitty Shack™, Wobble Wag Giggle™, Juggle Bubbles®, Luma Smile™, Catch Caddy™, My Fun Fish™, My Spy Birdhouse®, Ruggies®, Cat’s Meow®, Zoomies®, Wraptastic®, GoJo® Handsfree, and more. LMG partnered with Allstar Marketing Group and other distributors to sell over 25 million units, generating in excess of $300M in revenue.  In 2018, LMG successfully exited the consumer products business and continues to receive royalties from the license of its popular brands.


Auctioned to the FCC in 2017

In 2000, Chase’s media and advertising company, Lenfest Broadcasting, purchased what would become WMCN-TV for $11M and quickly expanded its programming and distribution. In 2002, it became the first television station in history to relinquish its analog television license to the Federal Communications Commission in exchange for much broader distribution to viewers on digital television. That move to digital would lead WMCN-TV to becoming a successful seller in the FCCs spectrum auction for $67M.

Broadway Systems

Acquired by Sintec Media in 2016

Broadway Systems provided software for national cable networks to manage their advertising business. The company had top 20 networks, including BBC, the Food Network, HGTV, CBS Sports and Fox News, relying on its software to manage over $4 billion in television advertising.
“We were the first in the market to see the value of an end-to-end software platform to manage a cable network’s advertising business, which fueled the tremendous growth of the business and ultimately is acquisition by Sintec Media” – Chase Lenfest

Media DVX

Acquired by DG Systems 2005

In the early 2000s, a Lenfest company acquired MediaDVX, a pioneer in the near real-time satellite delivery of advertising content to over 600 Broadcast stations throughout the US. The emerging technology of digital content delivery via satellite helped shift the Broadcast and advertising industries away from the reliance on the more expensive and delayed videotape distribution that had been in place for decades. In 2005, Lenfest sold Media DVX to DG Systems. This transaction was the catalyst that began a consolidation of the electronic ad delivery business, culminating in the acquisition of DG Systems, in 2014 by Extreme Reach for $485M.


Acquired by OpenTV in 2005

StarNet provided a broad range of media-management technologies and services to the cable and broadcasting industries. In 2012 the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences honored StarNet with a technical Emmy for contributions to the local cable advertising industry.
“It was a real surprise when we were told of StarNet’s selection for an Emmy. We were so pleased since it recognized the efforts of several great engineers who worked for us over the years. ” – Chase Lenfest

CAM Systems

Acquired by OpenTV in 2005

CAM Systems was a Silicon Valley company, whose software was used to manage nearly 50% of the $5 billion local cable advertising market, including 5 of the top 10 U.S. television markets. Open TV acquired CAM in September 2005.
“The sale of CAM Systems to OpenTV was a real success. It was a positive outcome for owners but equally important it was great for employees and customers who had been with us and believed in us for years.” – Chase Lenfest